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paperspade's Journal

icons by dreamindetail
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. welcome .
Hello & welcome to paperspade, the icon journal of Lauren. Membership is closed, but feel free to add paperspade to your Friends List at any time! All posts will be public, so you won't miss a thing by not being a member.
. guidelines .
(1) Comment when taking an icon and credit paperspade in the icon's comments/keywords. (Check out the FAQ for instructions on this.)
(2) Do not steal my icons. This means you must not claim them as your own, direct link to them, or copy any part of them for your own use.
(3) If using a tutorial I provide (if I decide to add any at all), comment with the graphic produced when you followed it! I'd love to see them.
(4) Please, please offer constructive criticism whenever you can. Comment, even if you are not taking an icon, with your opinions - I value them and take them into great consideration.
(5) Do not edit my icons unless I specify that this is ok with me. Just because some do not have text or are not exactly what you want doesn't make them any less my creation. I made them this way for a reason - respect that.
(6) Requests will only be available when I say so, and am feeling incredibly generous. Don't ask for them.
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. my other sites .
[main journal] dreamindetail
[on hiatus] ichallenge  //  laudienne.com
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